Social Media For Startups and Small Businesses

Aston University Digital Marketing Social Media LectureDr Javaid Kiyani recently gave an interactive lecture to a group of entrepreneurs at Aston University. The basis of the lecture was to present Social Media and Digital Marketing strategies that can be used by Start-ups and Small Businesses.

Quite often a start up or small business may be limited financially and hence be reluctant to hire consultants to assist them with marketing their business.

In our experience, effective marketing is paramount to the success of your business. If you are a small business owner and you are not an expert on marketing, and can’t afford to hire a full time Marketing Manager, you should definitely consider outsourcing this element of your business.

As a small business, you need to have as a minimum Facebook, Twitter and YouTube presence. Although there are several other social media sites you could be using, for someone of limited budget and time, it will pay dividends if you were to focus your efforts on the Big 3……initially.

And then, as you begin to pull in more clients you can start to look at the other social media engines also.

The growth of the internet and social media has been absolutely phenomenal in the last 3 years. As of January 2013, there were 634 million websites online, 51 million of which were added in 2012 alone.

There are currently 2.4 billion internet users worldwide!

Just by focussing on Facebook alone, you would have a potential marketplace of 1 billion prospects you could market to! There are currently 200 million active users on Twitter, and 4 billion hours of video are watched in any 1 month.

Due to the enormity of the above figures, it can sometimes be difficult to comprehend the exact scale of things. However, rest assured no matter what your business, if people are involved in the buying process, you can and will find clients via Social Media and Digital Marketing strategies.

If you are the owner of a small business or start-up and are looking to increase your client base through online marketing methods including website design, SEO, video and photo marketing and Social Media Marketing please contact us.  We have a large Social Media team in place that is able to manage your entire online branding for you.

Dr Javaid Kiyani, Author of “Like Follow EngageSocial Media Strategies For Business” is the Managing Director of Kiyani Digital, which specialises in providing social media and online marketing solutions for your business.  We are Social Media Managers and Consultants based in Bromsgrove, UK.

Our Social Media Strategies are currently being used by businesses all over the country. As a Social Media Agency, we stay up to date with the latest technologies, strategies and techniques ensuring our customers and clients are using the most current and effective methods.

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