Like Follow Engage – Your Guide To Social Media For Your Business

As we approach the tail end of 2012 and reflect upon our successes during 2012, we can definitely see a pattern in the work that we have completed for our clients.  In 2012, many more businesses have approached Kiyani Media to assist them with their Digital Marketing and Social Media strategies when they themselves have failed.

We have worked with companies who have tried to utilise Social Media but have failed to engage their customers and have as a result given up thinking it to be just another fad.  We have worked with companies who have employed full time Social Media Managers yet still continue to focus on transactional marketing techniques as opposed to relationship marketing via the most popular Social Media platforms.  We have worked with Business Owners who think they know how to utilise and implement Social Media only to make a complete mess of it.

We have worked with businesses who have heard of Social Media, yet do not know where to start.

We have also conversed with Small Business Owners who have proclaimed that their teenage children do all the Social Media Marketing for them!

In the coming year, 2013, we expect businesses to be better informed when it comes to Social Media Marketing.  We expect businesses to understand that Digital Marketing should form an integral aspect of their Overall Marketing Plan.  We also expect businesses to understand that Social Media should NOT be delegated to their teenage children!

In 2013, Dr Javaid Kiyani will be launching his brand new book “Like Follow EngageYour Guide To Social Media For Business” where he addresses how businesses can effectively implement Social Media strategies.

In a nutshell, Like Follow Engage is a concept whereby any business will encourage visitors to like or follow them on any one or more of their Social Media pages.  Once your business has a following, you will periodically converse with your audience through for example featured stories, targeted questioning, relevant pictures and videos, incentives, blogging, commenting etc etc.  Your followers will subsequently become engaged with you, your company and branding.  It is only once they are engaged and a relationship has developed, that they will buy from you.

Hard sell techniques where you ask your visitors to buy from you from the outset are much less successful than relationship marketing techniques where you have become engaged with your customer such that they buy from you not just the once, but throughout their life time.

Like Follow Engage Your Guide To Social Media For Business, will be coming to a bookstore near you in 2013.  As you can imagine, we are very excited about this and will post again at the official launch of Like Follow Engage – Your Guide To Social Media For Business.

Dr Javaid Kiyani, Author of “Like Follow EngageSocial Media Strategies For Business” is the Managing Director of Magnetic Marketing Services, which specialises in providing social media and online marketing solutions for your business.  We are Social Media Managers and Consultants based in Bromsgrove, UK.

Our Social Media Strategies are currently being used by businesses all over the country. As a leading  Social Media Agency, we stay up to date with the latest technologies, strategies and techniques ensuring our customers and clients are using the most current and effective methods always.

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